Lindros Whole Earth Consultants

Alan Rosenberg is the sole proprietor of Lindros.

Lindros  consults, educates, trains and project manages food security projects

Lindros specialises in Agroecology. LINDROS uses a whole systems approach to the development and management of Fertile Healthy Soils and promotes appropriate treatment and management of all on site waters resulting in communities that are successful, self-supporting and which enjoy food security all within stable natural environments.

Agroecology is the science of sustainable agriculture; the methods of agroecology have as their goal achieving sustainability of agricultural systems balanced in all spheres. This includes the socio-economic and the ecological or environmental.

The systems and technologies Lindros primarily works with are Permaculture, Organic Agriculture, Kyusei Nature farming and Biodynamic Agriculture. see the www.lindros.co.za for more information



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